Technical Requirements

Below are some basic technical requirements for running a screen. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the optimal equipment is used.

computer Display Screen

The design of the screen is optimised to a 1080p 72 DPI HD Screen (1080 pixels high 1920 pixels wide). For best results please use a screen that is 32" or bigger. Depending on the Brand and Model the readability of the screen will vary and could be less than optimal on some lower quality TV screens.

keyboard Display Computer and Player

The All In One screen is delivered over the internet using standard Web Technologies. The design of the all in one screen is optimised for display using the AIO Player on Windows computer. A quality viewing experience cannot be less than optimal on other browsers.

cast_connected Internet Connection

Data is pushed to the browser via an internet connection. Data may not be up to date if the internet connection to the display computer is not reliable.

new_releases Promotional Image Quality

The promotional images that are selected to be displayed are based on the columns value set on the promotion. When uploading a promotional image please follow the instructions relating to the pixel count for the height and width of the image for a given column count.